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Thomasville Flea Market

Thomasville Flea Market is located at Castle Boo in Thomasville!

*The Thomasville Flea Market (T-Flea) is currently closed until further notice.* We are seeking at least 50 vendor commitments before we reopen.The Thomasville Flea Market (T-Flea) is open every Saturday 6am-2pm weather permitting. We are located at 20 Fisher Ferry St, Thomasville NC 27360. We have 80+ tables for rent starting at $10 each. We also offer a special “Yard Sale” section for families having yard sales. Food Trucks will usually be on site, and we offer coffee and other beverages. We generally are not open when the weather does not allow, which can also delay our open time. Refunds are only given when T-Flea does not open for the entire day. Please follow T-Flea on Facebook for all announcements.

Reserve A Table


Welcome To T-Flea!

A Few Guidelines & Pricing

Reserve Your Table In Advance At

Standard 4’x8′ Table Per Day


Premium 4’x8′ Table Per Day


Coffee Starts At


Hours Are Saturday


Enter at Your Own Risk – You Wave All

Liability When On Or About Our Property.

Read The Rules List For Castle Boo (Linked Here).

If you have not reserved your table online, you must pay

for and be assigned a table before setting up.

Vendors can NOT sell anything deemed illegal by the laws of

this city, county, state, and country.

We do not allow the sale of animals of any kind.

No guns, firearms, explosives, etc. are allowed for sale

or allowed on our property.

Due to bed bugs, we do not allow the sell of preowned

or used mattresses. All other soft furniture must be fully inspected before bringing it onto the property.

No Pets are allowed on this property unless they are in a carrier or held at all times.

No exceptions! We love pets, but it’s too much of a liability…and we don’t

want to pick up the poop or take the chance they could bite someone or another pet.

Vendors may bring and use a 10’x10′ canopy as long as you have it properly secured and it doesn’t become a hazard to others. No other sizes of canopy’s are allowed.

For the respect of others, Smoking And Vaping Is Only

Allowed In The Designated Area Located At The

South-West Corner Of The Yard.

Items may not be left overnight. Take everything with

you and leave it the way you found it.

We Are Not Responsible for Lost or Stolen Items.

Dispose of trash properly and keep your area clean and clear.

If You Enjoy Your Time At T-Flea, Please Write A Great

Review On Social Media, Yelp, Or Google. This Helps Us Grow!

If You Have A Negative Experience, Please Contact Management Immediately

Or Go To And Fill Out The “Contact Us” Form.

There Are No Refunds For Any Reason Except If We Do Not Open For The Entire Day.


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